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SaveUp's Story:

Early on, SaveUp™ founders noticed that virtually all Americans are still working towards the dream of financial independence: rebuilding savings and paying off debt. Personal finance can be lonely and frustrating. Perhaps what everyone needed was fun and motivation to be financially successful.

SaveUp’s unique approach is based on Prize-Linked Savings, meaning: rewarding positive financial behavior with the opportunity to earn products and win large cash prizes, all while getting discounts on everyday expenditures. With prize drawings that are registered nationally and in all 50 states, SaveUp rewards savings and debt payoff by giving the chance to win up to $2 Million in cold hard cash.

Founded in 2010 by two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Priya Haji and Sammy Shreibati, SaveUp created the first free nationwide rewards program. By partnering with major consumer brands, SaveUp gives members the opportunity to win exciting and life-changing prizes for performing everyday positive financial activities. In 2015, SaveUp was purchased by entrepreneur Paul J. Burt and moved to his hometown of Lake Forest, Illinois. SaveUp is expected to grow exponentially in the next two years with unique partners in various vertical industries, combined with exciting new product offerings.

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